Horizon VR Tightrope Experience

Speciality-marketing agency, Cambridge BioMarketing partnered with Atticus to create a VR experience for their client, Horizon Pharma.

Horizon wanted to raise awareness of urea cycle disorders, a rare disease affecting ammonia levels in the brain for the 2016 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Florida.They wanted an app that could be used for events with a booth to enhance the experience of the game play while educating the user about urea cycle disorders.

Game Play

The player must successfully walk between two buildings or two rock pillars, balancing and counterbalancing against wind gusts, providing the players with more knowledge about urea cycle disorders and providing an interesting talking point for the event.

Horizon VR Tightrope Experience


Atticus had to create a simplistic game with 2 separate complex 3D environments for virtual platforms to be used for events. For the 2016 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Florida we had to customise the Samsung Gear VR with a PC to enable a secondary display to depict the experience.


Atticus optimised the complex 3D environments for mobile platforms to be used at events by building a network projector. A booth was created that forced the user to balance on a base. This created a realistic feeling of being on a tightrope as the user walked through two realistic environments, the Chrysler building in Manhattan and the Grand Canyon.

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