Cloud Computing

Atticus produced this video for Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking. The aim was to express how Cisco transform the way in which people connect, communicate and collaborate. This informative video is packed full of technology based discussion that may well have been slow paced and lacking in engagement without the use of animation. Instead the final result is not just informative, but dynamic and filled with visual information that helps to deliver the key messages of the video.

Atticus were commissioned to help Cisco deliver this message of the future in a way that audiences of the time could understand. Cloud technology was relevantly new to the mainstream audience this video was aimed at, but we managed to convey that information in a way that was easily digestible for the average person.

Atticus Cloud Computing Video in 2D

This video was produced by Atticus Digital, in stereoscopic 3D to be viewed wearing passive 3D glasses. It's about cloud computing for Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

2017 Atticus Digital