Chevron Oronite 360° Virtual Tour & Web App

Chevron Oronite commissioned Atticus Digital to develop a Virtual Reality application to highlight the Chevron Oronite Asia-Pacific regional HQ in Singapore, and provide Chevron Oronite the ability to transport the customers and staff virtually into the oil refinery itself.


One of the challenges was to reduce costs and increase the ease for customers to view the facility due to increased internal security and safety regulations. The technological challenges was how to film the plant in a virtual 360 environment, and what hardware technologies would best suit the project. Another challenge that we encountered was to address the size of the outputted footage and how this could be adapted to the hardware limitation in storage and processing power.


To film the facilities we decided to shoot using the insta360 pro and to increase the smoothness and stability we used an ROV. For the deliverables we decided to use two platforms.

  • Virtual Reality  for this we used the Samsung Gear VR due to its portability.

  • Web based 360 guided tour to broaden the customer reach and cut down on additional hardware costs.

To solve the footage issue we used various compression techniques, compressing the footage by 75% whilst keeping the quality and performance in line with the device specifications.

Success Metrics

It has proved a great success to our client Chevron Oronite, cutting a lot of the red tape associated with clearance passes and health and safety regulations to get clients to view the facility. Another success was the logistic and cost saving of 60% in reducing site visits.

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