IBM Interactive - Virtual Tennis Experience

Could you return a serve from one of the world’s top ten tennis players?

You are standing on a virtual tennis court in Redlaver Stadium during the Melbourne Open, you look around to see the crowd, the umpire and the people behind you and up at the blue sky above, in your hand is a virtual tennis racket which reacts just like a real one. Roger Federer is facing you and takes his first service- wow that was fast! Now look again, the data analytics of the service is displayed over the scene… you can see the trajectory of the ball, together with the speed, force, weight and direction of the serve. Try once again, Federer serves once more and this time you manage to return it. This is great fun and highly competitive.

Atticus was commissioned to upgrade the IBM Interactive Experience which was originally produced for the first Oculus Rift development kit, known as the DK1. This was developed by IBM and Ogilvy in Australia. The project involved collaboration between IBM teams in Australia, London, Hursley and Groningen in the Netherlands. 

The serious side of this for IBM is the integration of the data analytics, platform as a service (PaaS), design thinking, agile, mobile design and social integration.

The new development was to enable compatibility with the superior DK2. The focus of the work was to increase the resolution, improve calibration, update the Unity 3D game engine and speed up the flow of the experience. Atticus has advanced the control system to work with the wireless Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect, which is a unique combination that provides extremely accurate movement control. 

Atticus worked closely with Dragonfish who developed the exhibition stand, complete with mini tennis court and nets to enhance the look of the installation.

The exprience was specifically aimed at the worldwide consulting graduate programme that it is recruiting for is ‘IBM Consulting by Degrees’ and was toured around 25 universities for the Campus Challenge. Atticus programmed the application to upload all the collected data from the events to the IBM web server so that the leaderboard and other information could be displayed online 

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