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Hydrocarbon Hunt 360 VR Game

Hydrocarbon Hunt: Gamifying Petrochemical Awareness

Imagination – Shell

Atticus has been busy completing a fun virtual reality game for Shell to be used with Google Cardboard. The VR experience was gamified to engage American students aged 14 to 17 to explore a home and identify everyday items that are made with petrochemicals.

Commissioned by London agency Imagination, the app is being used as a recruitment tool for school leavers in the USA. The player puts on the VR headset and finds themselves in a living room. The TV flickers on and a short animation plays describing the science behind petrochemical materials and their prevalence in everyday objects. After a short gameplay tutorial the player begins exploring the house. Each room has a number of items containing petrochemicals that must be collected by firing a beam of hydrocarbons. Navigating from room to room the player has to collect all objects within an allotted time. Once the game ends a conveyor belt appears with all the items collection, with missing items as silhouettes. Voiceover and text provides more information on the petrochemical composition of the objects. The player’s score is tallied up with any time remaining added as additional points.

The project has been a great success and the students are able to learn about petrochemicals used in everyday objects around the home, while having fun playing in a virtual reality experience and has already led to increased interest in working in the petrochemical industry. Watch a short video here, or download it from the app store and try it out today!
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