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Atticus Digital is a creative agency, expert in 3D animation, video production, virtual reality, website and app development.

Our specialty is distilling complicated information so all can easily understand it –

complex made simple.

We produce promotional material for small companies, large corporations and governments alike, to enable you to communicate your marketing strategy in a clear and succinct way so that you can engage and educate your audience.

Whether you need help with digital media, events, presentations, immersive learning experiences, augmented reality, games or mobile applications, Atticus can deliver high quality projects, wherever you are in the world.


3D Stereoscopic Animation

We specialise in the new generation of 3D animation, utilising cinematic 3D glasses technology to produce creative content for all screens sizes, one of the most popular being 3D TV.

3D technologies include; Stereoscopic 3D using either anaglyph, active or passive 3D glasses.

3D Animation & Video

Our team of animators offer a full spectrum of CG animation from 2D & 2.5D motion graphics to photo-realistic 3D modelling.

We're often asked to visualise 3D products and environments that don't yet exist or are too inaccessible to film. Or it may be a theoretical science that requires explaining in simplified terms.

Web Design & Development

Atticus offer a full range of interactive and online web design and development services including front end design, bespoke Content Management Systems, e-commerce, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and compliance with tablet devices and smart phones.

Virtual Reality

Do you need a new way to get your message across? If so we'd like to tell you about immersive learning experiences using virtual reality.

Atticus has harnessed the latest technology from Oculus Rift (recently bought by Facebook for $2 billion!) to generate 3D interactive applications that enable learning by doing.

Print & Branding

Once we understand what makes your product or service unique, we work with you to develop a brand strategy to ensure that these core values are consistently reflected in all of your marketing and promotional media.

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